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Product category:Air-conditioning Parts
Product Name:Commercial Solenoid Valve

Applications and features:
•         Used for liquid pipe,suction pipe and heat pipe of fluoride refrigerants;
•         It’s the self-control component for switching on/off refrigerants and automatic controling in cooling system,it is used in cold storage,freezing,air conditioning and many other circumstances;
•         Functions in system:dehumidificatio、defrosting、reversing and switching liquid flow;
•         Multiple options of various AC and DC solenoid coils
Basic performance parameters
1)The Kv value is the water flow in m3/h at a pressure drop across valve of 0.1MPa , ρ=1000kg/m3.
2)MOPD tor meda in gor form is opprox 0.1MPa greater.

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